HVAC Testing

Solutions for HVAC contractors, TAB Professionals and HERS Raters including anemometers, flow hoods, micromanometers and more

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Indoor Air Quality

Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments

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Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom solutions include handheld, portable and 24/7 particulate monitoring and tools for monitoring airflow, temperature & humidity

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Industrial Flow Testing

Multi-point air velocity measurement systems, high-temperature measurements & more for automotive, aerospace & electronics industries

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News & Events

20/Jun 2017

Brand New Handheld Particle Counters from Kanomax!

At this year’s AIHce Expo in Seattle, we unveiled several BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! Two of which were our new handheld particle counters, the Model 3888 (3-channel) and the Model 3889 (6-channel). Although we are retiring their predecessors (Models 3887 & 3886), many of their proven components live on in the new models.  After all, these parts are responsible for making Kanomax particle counters among the most reliable and accurate instruments…

01/Jun 2017

Come see Kanomax at the AIHce Expo 2017 in Seattle, WA – June 4th – 7th – Booth #1645!

The 2017 AIHce Expo in Seattle, WA starts this weekend! On Sunday, June 4th, Kanomax will be joining dozens of industrial hygienists, occupational health professionals..

23/May 2017

Adding Value to Data Center Cleaning Services with Handheld Particle Counters

When we talk about particle counters most of the time we focus on cleanrooms and other controlled environments, but there are many other applications where...

10/May 2017

The Trusted Choice of Global Brands for High Temperature Air Velocity Measurements

The Kanomax Model 6162 Mid-High Temperature Anemometer is the perfect choice for testing for temperature and air velocity in extreme ...