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 Automotive Testing Solutions

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Automotive quality has been expected in this industry for quite some time. The pressure is on us (OEMs, tier suppliers) to differentiate us from the competition, by offering higher standards of quality.  Precision instrumentation helps designers and test engineers ensure that stringent quality specs are met.

Aerodynamics and Vehicle Airflow Measurement

HVAC System and Interior Cabin Comfort Measurement

Vehicle aerodynamics may be optimized by measuring the airflow around the entire vehicle.  Through aerodynamic optimization, vehicle efficiency may be realized while improving performance and speed.  Airflow measurements are taken around the entire vehicle: front grill, hood, quarter-panels, side mirrors, wheel-wells, doors/door handles, roof, and trunk/rear end.  Our anemometry probes accurately can measure air velocity down to one foot per minute.

Simple concept really - make sure that the air conditioning unit is cooling the interior cabin down quickly and efficiently, and the heater is warming up the cabin the same.  The air that the HVAC unit is cranking out from the ducts and vents is measured for velocity and temperature.  This way occupants will always enjoy a cool 72 F in the summer, and a balmy 72 F in the winter.

Component Parts
Performance Testing

Kanomax provides various test equipment for engine room components.  The equipment ranges from simple, handheld instruments for spot-checks, to highly sophisticated machines for more in-depth analysis.

System Solutions
Multi-channel Anemometer System            

Aerodynamics and Vehicle Airflow Measurement: Car's aerodynamics can make or break a deal. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it could make the car look.
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Amenity Manikin System

The Kanomax Amenity Manikin System is an optimal solution for precise interior cabin comfort evaluation. The system measures parameters, such as air velocity, temperature, humidity, and radiant heat, which all relate to human comfort levels. One mannequin may be equipped with more than 120 sensors, providing sophisticated measurements.
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Cabin Leakage Tester (CLT)

Leakage testing is performed by pressurizing or depressurizing the vehicle cabin. The tester measures the changes in cabin pressure. The control unit consists of a manometer and pressure transducers. The manometer detects the leakage flow, which is calculated by measuring the nozzle pressure relative to static pressure. The tester controls an adjustable fan to maintain static test pressure. Five selectable inlet nozzles provide reasonable leakage flow rate measurements of 2.5 to 800 cfm.
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