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Industrial Hygiene Instruments

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Kanomax instruments are preferred by professionals that must monitor and maintain industrial hygiene to ensure occupational safety, comfort, and productivity. Our portable gas monitoring instruments provide solutions for detecting and minimizing gas exposure. Our dust monitoring instruments contribute to worker safety by providing accurate, real-time measurements of dangerous, respirable particles. Sound and vibration meters provide exposure levels of noise and vibration.

Dust Monitors

Digital Dust Monitor Model 3443

The Kanomax Dust Monitor 3443 is a compact and high quality instrument ensures highly accurate dust measurements via a user-friendly & intuitive interface.
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Piezobalance Dust Monitor Model 3521 / 3522

The Piezobalance Dust Monitor Model 3521 is a unique respirable aerosol monitor, providing direct mass concentration of particulates using Piezobalance technology.
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Sound Level and Vibration Meters

Sound Level Meter Model 4431

The new Kanomax sound level meter is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. It complies with the type 2 ANSI S1.4 1983 standard , and has an innovative, unique 0-dB feature that eliminates the self-noise of the microphone. This technology extends the lower limit of the measurement range to lower than 0 dB-SPL.
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Vibration Meter Model 4200

The new Kanomax vibration meter is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. The magnetic accelerometer attaches easily to machinery for increased accuracy and precise operation. It's the perfect tool to diagnosis problematic vibrations with your industrial machinery or manufactured products.
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Handheld Condensation Particle Counter

Handheld Condensation Particle Counter Model 3800

The Model 3800 is a handheld condensation particle counter that detects ultrafine particles in many applications. With this advanced technology, users can implement nano-sized particle research in occupation and working areas.
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Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer

Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer (PAMS)

The Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer is an electrical mobility size spectrometer designed for portable, mobile, or handheld aerosol sampling applications.
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Particle Emission Testing Tool

CEGRIT Automatic Flyash Sampler

With no moving parts, each CEGRIT sampler collects a sample from one point in the boiler duct. Operating on duct vacuum to drive its atmospheric-air ejector, the CEGRIT maintains near-isokinetic sampling to keep collecting unbiased sample as boiler load and duct vacuum vary.
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