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New Capture Hood Model 6715

The new model 6715 TABmaster Capture Hood now has CEC (California Energy Commission) Certification for Residential Use. Under the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part6) Section 100.0(h) and Reference Residential Appendices Section RA3.3.2.1 all airflow rate measurement apparatuses used to verify heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system airflow must be certified to the Energy Commission.

CEC webpage

6715 webpage

New CIMscan Monitoring System 2015.05.04

Kanomax is now an authorized distributor of the CIMscan web-based facility monitoring system. The addition of this system allows us to expand our cleanroom contamination and control business to incorporate more than just cleanrooms. CIMscan is a complete solution for facility monitoring.

CIMscan webpage

New Micromanometer and Velocity Grid

Our new Micromanometer, model 6700, comes standard with the 6715 Capture Hood, but you can also purchase it separately. The micromanometer works with pitot tubes, flow grids, differential pressure tubing and the Velocity Grid, which makes taking face velocity readings simple and fast.

6700 webpage

New Capture Hood Model 6715

The new model 6715 TABmaster Capture Hood is loaded with upgrades. Building on the economical base model 6710, the new 6715 can communicate wirelessly with any Android device. When used in conjunction with the wheeled stand this allows you to take measurements at multiple ducts quickly and without the need for a ladder to reach higher ceiling ducts. It also comes with a removable micromanometer that can be used with the optional velocity grid, pitot tubes, or differential pressure tubing.

6715 webpage

New IAQ monitor 2212

The 2211 IAQ Monitor has been replaced by the new 2212. The new unit has a faster humidity response time allowing it to acclimate to ambient humidity levels in just 15 seconds.

2212 webpage

Kanomax at AHR 2015

2015 was our busiest year at AHR. We had a record number of visitors to our booth. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us. Our staff had a great time meeting everyone and showing our new offerings for 2015. You can check out some photos of the show here.

New Barometric Pressure Compensation Sensor

The Climomaster and Anemomaster Professional & Standard now come with an on-board barometric pressure sensor that will automatically compensate for atmospheric pressure. Check out our anemometer page for details.

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