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20% Off First Annual Calibration

When you purchase a new Kanomax instrument it will reliably serve you for years to come with proper maintenance and annual calibration. Register your product to receive a 20% discount off your first annual calibration. Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Product must be received for first calibration within the first 18 months from date of purchase.

Your product should have come with a registration card, but if for some it didn't or you misplaced it, you can download a registration form here.

TABmaster model 6715

Dump your old unit for a new 6810-series unit

Tired of your old vane anemometer? Get something shiny and new! Kanomax will give you a 30% trade-in discount when you send us and AV2, AV6, TAB3, TAB4. TAB5... etc... towards a brand new 6810-series vane anemometer. Save even more money by trading it in when your next calibration is due. You can add the cost of the calibration to the 30% discount and practically walk away with a new 6810-series unit for free. Call or email us at info@kanomax-usa.com for more details
6810 Series Vanes

Trade-In Program

If you have a non-functional unit that's too old or too costly to repair, or just want an upgrade to something more modern with better features give us a call!  Kanomax is pleased to roll-out a trade-in program where you can get up to 30% off a new instrument when you trade-in an older unit (discount depends on specific trade-in unit).

We'll even take out-dated or broken competitor units off your hands.  Why are we willing to pay you for broken junk?  It's simple, we believe once you try one of our Kanomax units you'll never use anything else.  Our technology delivers greater accuracy, better features and quality you can depend on.

For more details, please contact us at info@kanomax-usa.com or call us at 800-247-8887. Brand New Climomaster with Optional Probes

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