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  • Our DALT 6900, delivers the most accurate test results in either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE setting while delivering ±10 inches of water gauge pressure in the duct.
  • Accurate to ±2.5% of READING of volume flow
  • Stores data that can be downloaded easily to a USB flash drive for report generation from the commissioning engineer to the building owner or signing authority
  •  Engineered with the end-user’s perspective ensuring that it does what you need it to do and comes standard with a calibration* certificate.
  •  The instrument is designed for easy transport to the job with a small footprint and fits thru roof hatches 21″x 20″
  •  Order it with the optional Heavy Duty Construction Cover

*Kanomax offers annual NIST TRACEABLE calibrations at our facility in Andover, NJ.

Easy transport to the job with a small footprint and pneumatic tires allow for smooth movement

Step-by-step test configuration and automated leakage testing based on the SMACNA Test Manual Capable of both positive and negative duct leakage testings

Meets and/or exceeds the following standards for testing

  2. BS EN 12237:2003 EU
  3. BS EN 1507:2006 EU
  4. DW/143 EU
  5. Eurovent 2/2 EU
  6. GB50243 GB

Positive pressure test

Negative pressure test

Model DALT 6900
Air Flow Ranges Flow Grid: 21 to 377 CFM (36 to 640 m3/h)
Nozzle: 2 to 21 CFM (4 to 36 m3/h)
Accuracy 2.5 % of READING ± 0.1 m3/h
Resolution 0.01 m3/h
Pressure Ranges ± 10 in.wg (± 2500 Pa) Duct Static Pressure
Accuracy 1% of READING ± 1 Pa
Resolution 0.1 Pa
Temperature Ranges 32 to 140 °F (0 to 60 °C)
Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Absolute Pressure Ranges 20.6 to 38.3 in.Hg (70 to 130kPa)
Accuracy 2% of READING 
Resolution 0.1kPa
Power Source DALT 6900-0E 110-120V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz, 16A
DALT 6900-1E 220-240V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz, 10A
Weight Approx.75kg (165lbs)
Dimensions W21 x D20 x H47 inches (54 x 50 x 120 mm)
Data logging Up to 1000 measurements
General Specifications
Interface USB
Datalogging YES
Warranty 2 years (except flex duct)
What’s Included Main unit, 2 x test fixture, 12 feet of flexible duct, silicone pressure tube, Power cord, Operation manual, Calibration certificate

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