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Aerosol and Fluid Mechanics Research Instruments

Kanomax General Catalog (PDF)

The origin of Kanomax is the fluid mechanics laboratory. Goro Kano, the founder of Kanomax, started his laboratory more than 50 years ago. The continuing pursuit in the infinite possibility of fluid mechanics has always been one of the most distinguished activities of Kanomax.

Kanomax light and heat-based instruments successfully achieve high sensitivity, responsiveness, accuracy, and spatial resolution to aim the ultimate measurement solution for fluid mechanics research.

Kanomax provides solutions and services for various types of fluid measurement applications with our abundant experiences and technical expertise. vibration.

Aerosol Research Instruments

Handheld Condensation Particle Counter Model 3800

Handheld aerosol research instrument with Nano particle counting capability.
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Aerosol Particle Mass Analyzer APM-3601

Aerosol Particle Mass Analyzer classifies particles by mass based on the balance between centrifugal force and electrostatic force.
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Aerosol Particle Mass Analyzer APM-3600

Discontinued (replaced by APM-3601)

APM-3600 utilizes two cylindrical electrodes rotating about a common axis at the same angular speed. Charged particles enter the annular gap rotating at the same speed as the electrodes.
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Inertial Filter Nanosampler Model 3182

The Model 3182 controls its diffusion collection increasing filtration velocity, and collecting particle only by inertia.
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Black Carbon Monitor Model 3130

The Model 3130 is a continuous soot monitoring system for fully automated, high-sensitivity, continuous measurement of light absorption by black carbon aerosols.
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Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer

The Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer is an electrical mobility size spectrometer designed for portable, mobile, or handheld aerosol sampling applications.
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Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer infiTOF

The infiTOF is a high performance, small footprint time of flight mass spectrometer. By using multi-turn technology its possible to make the unit much smaller than traditional mass spectrometers without sacrificing the resolution.
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Fluid Mechanics Research Instruments

Smart Laser Doppler Velocimeter (Smart LDV)

Compact Laser Doppler Velocimeter System: Two ion lasers from the fiber optic transceiver probe detect velocity measurement. The Smart LDV system is easy to use high quality LDV system.
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Thermal Anemometry System 7000 series

High response analog output model
Manual setting allows user detailed custom setup

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Constant Temperature Anemometer IHW-100

Easy instrument setting: software automation doesn't require complected manual setup.
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Fluorescent Seeding Particles for PIV Applications

FLUOSTAR microspheres are polymer particles encapsulating the fluorescent dye, Rhodamine B, which emits the orange-colored fluorescence when illuminated by a green-colored laser (e.g. Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF). FLUOSTAR feature the outstanding emission efficiency of fluorescence, which are best suited for PIV applications.
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