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At Kanomax, we fully understand service is an essential part of the total solution package provided to our valued customers. We are committed to our worldwide service network, and are continuously working on improvements.

3900 SERVICE NOTICE: When sending your 3900 in for calibration or servicing do not send the lithium-ion battery. Due to changes in shipping regulations we will not be able to return the battery to you. As these circumstances are beyond our control, no credit or compensation can be offered for batteries we receive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

NIST Traceable Calibration Service

Our Calibration Laboratory in New Jersey maintains the longest and most accurate wind tunnel of its kind. Kanomax provides the highest quality of service available with a quick turnaround time. Our service specialists are well trained and will calibrate your instruments to the highest standards. We recommend that all instruments be calibrated on an annual basis.

Besides the following instrument calibration services, we also calibrate other manufactures instruments. If you have questions, please contact us at service@kanomax-usa.com or 1-800-247-8887 (USA), 1-973-786-6386.

Anemomaster Series Climomaster Series IAQ Monitor Particle Counter
Model A004 Model A531 Model 2211 Model 3886
Model A031 Model A533 Model 6841 Model 3887
Model A034 Model A541
Model 3900
Model A041 Model A542 Dust Monitor Model 3910
Model A044 Model A543 Model 3521 Model 3800
Model 6802 Model 6531 Model 3522 Model 3714
Model 6803 Model 6533 Model 3431  Model 3715
Model 6804 Model 6541 Model 3442
Model 6812 Model 6542 Model 3443
Anemomaster Series
Model 6813 Model 6543
Model 6815 Model 6551 TABmaster Model 1550
Model 6113 Model 6552 Model 6710 Model 1560
Model 6114 Model 6561
Model 1570
Model 6006

Model 6332/6332D
Model 6035

Model 6036

Kanomax Global Calibration Facility

Kanomax’s global (US and Japan) calibration facilities follow national standards and ensure the highest precision measurement for our valued customers. We are fully committed to providing the best calibration services utilizing our global facilities.

Kanomax Anemometer Calibration Facility

Calibration Facility Type Specifications Applications
Temperature Variable Wind Tunnel GÖTTINGEN (closed-circuit)
59 to 9840fpm (0.3 to 50m/s)
41 to 176ºF (5 to 80ºC)
Temperature compensating calibration
Low Velocity Wind Tunnel EIFFEL (open-circuit) 10 to 492fpm (0.05 to 2.5m/s) Low velocity range air velocity calibration
High Velocity Wind Tunnel GÖTTINGEN (closed-circuit) 590 to 9840fpm (3 to 50m/s) High velocity range air velocity calibration
High Temperature Wind Tunnel GÖTTINGEN (closed-circuit)
Room temperature to 752ºF (400ºC)
20 to 9840fpm (0.1 to 50m/s)
High temperature range air velocity calibration
Open Jet Wind Tunnel Centrifugal fan 50 to 6000fpm (0.25 to 30.5m/s) Anemometers and Pitot tubes calibration
Humidity Calibrator
a) Two temperature type
b) Shunt type
a) 3 to 100%, 41 to 104ºF (5 to 40ºC)
b) 0 to 100%, 41 to 140ºF (5 to 60ºC)
±0 to 10kPA
Pressure Generator Pump type Humidity calibration Pressure calibration

Technician with Standard Particle Generator Wind Tunnel

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