HVAC Testing

HVAC Testing

Kanomax provides a complete line of products, from field test equipment to instruments used in the actual test and development of HVAC equipment. Rugged but accurate field instruments for the TAB technician, reliable anemometers and particle counters for development support, and precise monitoring instruments for laboratory environment control – we have it all.

Professional airflow measurement tool for TAB professional
Perfect tool for TAB professional and HERS Rater
Kanomax DALT - Automated commercial duct air leakage tester
High precision handheld anemometer for industrial professionals
Easy to use airflow measurement tool for HVAC professionals
Compact and economical handheld anemometer
High resolution micromanometer for HVAC TAB
The most accurate 2% hot-wire anemometer
Economical industrial airflow monitoring solution
Simple to use 4 channel air velocity meter for industrial application
High temperature anemometer for industrial airflow testing

06/May 2015

TABmaster has CEC Certification

Kanomax TABmaster Capture Hood now has CEC Certification