HVAC Testing

Solutions for HVAC contractors, TAB Professionals and HERS Raters including anemometers, flow hoods, micromanometers and more.

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Indoor Air Quality

Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments

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Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom solutions include handheld, portable and 24/7 particulate monitoring and tools for monitoring airflow, temperature & humidity

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Industrial Flow Testing

Multi-point air velocity measurement systems, high-temperature measurements & more for automotive, aerospace & electronics industries

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News & Events

10th Annual International Aerosol Conference: September 2-7, 2018 in St. Louis, MO | Kanomax Booths 29 & 30

Kanomax will be exhibiting at this year’s 10th Annual International Aerosol Conference in America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri from September 2nd through the 7th.  Kanomax is a member of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) and the Platinum sponsor of the 2018 conference, and you can stop by and see us at booth numbers 29 & 30! We will be exhibiting products from by our Kanomax FMT Division,…

Kanomax: High Temperature Anemometer (Model 6162) – For Kiln-Drying Wood

Wood drying is necessary because it helps reduce moisture, extending its lifespan and hardening it for construction purposes.  When the wood drying is done in a kiln, it is known as ‘kiln-dried lumber.’  It is well-known that log homes are built for energy efficiency and beauty, but to achieve both goals, logs need to be hand-cut and kiln dried so the moisture and minimized and the wood is stabilized to…

Kanomax: For Airflow and Leakage Measuring in Spiral Ducts and Diffusers

As many HVACR pros are already aware, the growing HVACR trend is the use of spiral ducts as they are less prone to leakage and subsequent energy loss and/or uneven distribution of conditioned or heated air. Luckily, Kanomax products were designed with some foresight, and some specific instruments are the ideal tools for measuring airflow and leakage in spiral ducts and their diffusers.   The Kanomax Velocity Grid (6700-VG) with…

Upcoming Tradeshow: ISIAQ 2018 at the PA Convention Center – 7/22-7/27/18

Kanomax will be exhibiting INDOOR AIR QUALITY & RELATED PRODUCTS for a full week at this year’s INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF INDOOR AIR QUALITY & CLIMATE at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. We will be giving live product demonstrations at 10:00 AM and throughout the day every day of the event.  Some of the products you will be able to see, try out and learn about include: Indoor Air Quality…