HVAC Testing

Solutions for HVAC contractors, TAB Professionals and HERS Raters including anemometers, flow hoods, micromanometers and more.

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Indoor Air Quality

Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments.

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Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom solutions include handheld, portable and 24/7 particulate monitoring and tools for monitoring airflow, temperature & humidity.

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Industrial Flow Testing

Multi-point air velocity measurement systems, high-temperature measurements & more for automotive, aerospace & electronics industries.

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News & Events

Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing

Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing Research has proven that the most energy lost in homes is due to duct air leakages. Extreme cases of this are seen in…

Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Farming Monitoring

The air quality in a room depends on a lot of factors. If there is air leakage in a room it affects air quality because the air may contain particles…

High-Temperature Anemometer Applications

High-temperature anemometers are utilized for testing temperatures of very high degrees. They are used in various industries for this purpose, some of which include...

Innovative Products and Applications for Industrial Flow Testing

Climomaster Anemometer The most accurate handheld hot wire anemometer in the world. With an accuracy level of 2% m.v, the Climomaster offers unparalleled measurements, a wide array of flexibility and…