HVAC Testing

Solutions for HVAC contractors, TAB Professionals and HERS Raters including anemometers, flow hoods, micromanometers and more

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Indoor Air Quality

Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments

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Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom solutions include handheld, portable and 24/7 particulate monitoring and tools for monitoring airflow, temperature & humidity

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Industrial Flow Testing

Multi-point air velocity measurement systems, high-temperature measurements & more for automotive, aerospace & electronics industries

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TABmaster Flow Hood 6715 for Exchange Rate Calculations for IAQ Investigation

As buildings have become “greener”, heating and cooling efficiency have greatly improved.  However, this increased building tightness can have a negative impact on the indoor air quality of the building if the HVAC system isn’t pulling in enough outside air.  How can you be sure that the occupants of a building are getting enough fresh air? The calculation is actually really simple.  ASHRAE Standard 62 lists the recommended volume of…

VOC’s and Vapor Intrusion: Keeping Up-to-date with Current State Guidance

Due to recent snowstorms that have resulted in power outages in the northeast, the NJDEP has updated some of the guidance relating to VOC’s and vapor intrusion. A building’s level of risk of the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and vapor intrusion is based on the geographic properties of the surrounding area, the mitigation systems in place to minimize buildups, and general airflow in the most at-risk areas of…

Duct Traversing with Kanomax Anemometers

Continuing along the theme of our last post, achieving and maintaining optimal HVACR system performance can be extremely beneficial and, often, even essential.  As we mentioned in the duct leakage post last week, when air does not move through the duct system as intended due to some failure or imperfection, the results can be significantly adverse.  This week, our focus is on traversing ducts using anemometers.  The instruments are designed…

Identify Duct Leakage in Commercial Buildings with the Kanomax DALT 6900

In large commercial and institutional buildings, the leading cause of energy waste (by a large margin) is duct leakage based on studies done by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE).  Buildings use 49% of the total energy consumed in the United States, and of that 49%, HVAC systems are responsible for 32% of the energy.  Knowing this, it’s easy to imagine that much of the energy used is simply…