Adding Value to Data Center Cleaning Services with Handheld Particle Counters


When we talk about particle counters most of the time we focus on cleanrooms and other controlled environments, but there are many other applications where counting particulates is desirable.  These include IAQ investigation, filter testing and other applications like this month featured story: Data Center Cleaning.

In addition to temperature and humidity, particulates can also cause damage to sensitive equipment in a data center. As dust accumulates on circuit boards it reduces the cooling efficiency of the components and may cause overheating issues. A good ventilation system that creates positive pressure inside a data center can help control the amount of particulates that the equipment is exposed to, and periodic cleaning by a professional can also help control particulate levels and prevent problems from developing.

The 3887 handheld particle counter can be an invaluable tool for Data Center Cleaning companies trying to sell or show the value of their services.

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