AHR 2018 – Highlights & Product Recap

AHR 2018 - Kanomax Booth

This year’s AHR was a “record breaking success,” per the organization, with an estimated 72,000+ HVAC industry professionals passing through the north and south halls of McCormick Place between Monday 1/22 and Wednesday 1/24. The Kanomax team had an especially outstanding show, and we loved spending time with so many great people from the HVAC industry – everyone from technicians, testers, balancers to executives and leaders of NPO’s stopped by our booth in the so we were able to make some great new friends and meet again with some long-time acquaintances. We were able to discuss some of the truly exciting things that are happening at Kanomax including new products and ongoing developments that will lead to some of the most innovative HVAC products that have ever hit the market.TeamTHANKSmessage

Our booth featured a fully functioning, air-tight duct system that allowed us to give live demonstrations of the powerful Duct Air Leakage Tester 6900, which currently leads the market in the speed of both duct pressurization and USB data transfer, and it was a big hit. We were able to illustrate the benefits of the quick-switch hose system that makes alternating between positive and negative pressure test settings a breeze. Along the same lines of time-savers, the DALT 6900 does not require the changing of orifice places, so no more bolting, unbolting, scraping fingers on tiny wingnuts, etc.; it’s just a matter of opening and closing two camlocks, which hold a perfect seal every time. Our visitors loved to watch the speed at which the duct was pressurized from the 1.4 horsepower motor, which can do in seconds what most testers are lucky to do in minutes. It pressurizes the duct with up to 374CFM resulting in a static pressure of ±10 inches of H2O, giving it the most versatile range of any duct leakage tester on the market today. It also transfers all data to a USB stick in seconds with the touch of a single button.


We also brought along a few of our industry-leading Capture Hoods (TABmaster Model 6715) with some of our various stocked hood sizes. We had a 1’ x 4’, and 2’ x 4’, and a 2’ x 2’ as they are some of the more commonly sought hood sizes, though we carry many other interchangeable hood sizes to ensure nearly any job can be completed with our machine with the simple swap of a light-weight hood. Some benefits of the Model 6715 include the built-in Bluetooth™ technology that allows the user to remotely view measurements/results and operate the unit via any Android™ device. Therefore, if the user employs the optional Slow-Low tripod stand for hands-free and ladder-free operation of the hood, he/she can use his Android™ phone to completely control the hood and make real-time adjustments safely from the ground. The tripod is also equipped with construction grade wheels, so the entire light-weight unit can be rolled from opening to opening throughout the facility to gather measurements at many different points very quickly and comfortably. The hood features a uniquely wide airflow measurement range, from 23 to 2500CFM! Last but not least, it includes a detachable micromanometer (6700) that can control the unit remotely by way of a brilliantly designed, simplistic, full color, high definition operating system.


We also brought our new Handheld Particle Counter, which is available in both 3- and 6-channel models. This instrument is revolutionizing the approach of cleanroom monitoring and certification. It’s a handheld instrument with the capabilities of a portable particle counter, in that its charging base/cradle offers several connectivity options, including WiFi, which grants it remote control and 24/7 monitoring capability. It’s basically a huge amount of technology packed into a small, light-weight, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, even for extended periods of use. Its advanced yet simplistic Operating System is controlled via its oversized, 4.3” full color, full graphic, high definition touchscreen, reminiscent of today’s most popular smart-devices. You can download or transfer measurement data extremely quickly through either, WiFi, Ethernet, RS485 or USB. Along the same lines of convenience, the unit is also pre-programmed with ISO 21501-4 and 14644 compliance standards, as well as European standards so you can rest assured that your certifications and measurements will be valid at all times.


On behalf of the entire Kanomax team, we’d like to thank all of you for stopping by our booth to say “hello,” chat a bit, exchange information, or to stick around for some demonstrations. We hope each of you enjoyed your time with us as much as we did with you, and our goal was to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you were looking for. Although we certainly tried our best, there were 72,000+ people there and we may not have been able to answer every question, so we’ve listed all our product information, specifications, FAQ’s, manuals, engineering drawings, etc. on Kanomax-usa.com.

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