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Monitoring Airflow in Indoor Farms with Kanomax Products

A NEW TREND IN FARMING As cities become more and more pressed for space, the need for alternative solutions to field farming is becoming more and more essential to supply food for ever-growing populations.  Forward thinking agriculturalists have moved toward indoor farming, which can be done on both horizontal and vertical planes, which both have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses.  Of course, some crops grow much better in…


The Kanomax Handheld Particle Counter: The Most Advanced Screen and Interface

More and more people are beginning to make the switch to the most advanced handheld particle counter on the market: the Kanomax Model 3888 (3-channel) and 3889 (6-channel). The multitude of HPC options in the industry became one large, indistinguishable group when the 3888 and 3889 were released, and only the Kanomax instruments offered enough features and benefits to be set apart from the crowd. There are plenty of reasons…


Series 3520 Piezobalance Dust Monitor as Solution for Real-time Oil Mist Monitoring

In many manufacturing plants, machine shops and any type of metalworking facilities, oil mist is a constant concern.  It is both unsafe for the workers and rather difficult to monitor without the right equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is well aware of the dangers of airborne oil particulates of any kind, and they’ve set acceptable limits.  The Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for mineral oil mist is 5mg/m3. …


Have you heard about our handheld particle counters?

The Model 3888 (3-channel) and the Model 3889 (6-channel) are turning particle counting on its head with their revolutionary technology and features. Although we are retiring their predecessors (Models 3887 & 3886), many of their proven components live on in the new models. After all, these parts are responsible for making Kanomax particle counters among the most reliable and accurate instruments in the industry for a long, long time. We’ve…


Kanomax USA – Upcoming Shows and Events

Kanomax USA will be attending the following events and exhibit exciting products over the next two months: 1. MAEBA RECERTIFICATION SEMINAR September 24th-25th (Product show on the 25th) Resorts Casino Hotel – Atlantic City, New Jersey View the MAEBA Difference Exhibiting our anemometers, duct air leakage tester, Tabmaster capture hoods, and IAQ monitors. 2. AABC ANNUAL MEETING October 10th-13th Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa – Lahaina, Hawaii View the Schedule…


ASHRAE 110 Test Kit – Ensuring a Safe Work Space for Techs

A fume hood is a local ventilation device designed to eliminate or minimize exposure to hazardous fumes, dust or other airborne particulates. Basically, the fume hood provides an area where a technician can safely work with certain hazardous materials. The fume hood is designed to contain and vent all dangerous vapors and particulates away from the worker. A typical fume hood will undergo quality testing by the manufacturer, but it…


The DALT 6900 Allows User to Select Testing Standards and Continuously Measures Percent of Leakage!

The Kanomax duct air leakage tester (DALT 6900) has quickly become the industry leader in terms of versatility and ease-of-use.  The instrument can test in both positive and negative pressure settings with a simple hose adjustment.  It can also test up to 10 inches of water pressure. The DALT 6900’s user interface is what sets the machine apart from related products in the industry.  The unit is operated via a…

Model 3888/3889 in cradle, connected to a PC for remote monitoring

NEW Handheld Particle Counters: More Connectivity Allows for Remote Operation!

Kanomax’s new wave of handheld particle counters are the perfect tools for what would otherwise challenging tasks. The brand new 3-channel HPC Model 3888 and the 6-channel HPC Model 3889 will be the first choice among professionals for more applications than ever before. These handheld instruments can be operated just like portable particle counters ie: their remote control capability, which allows for convenience 24/7 facility monitoring via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or RS485 connection opitons!

The cradle for the HPC Models 3888/3889 enables Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and RS485 connectivity to PC's and allows for 24/7 remote monitoring & control.

Brand New Handheld Particle Counters from Kanomax!

At this year’s AIHce Expo in Seattle, we unveiled several BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! Two of which were our new handheld particle counters, the Model 3888 (3-channel) and the Model 3889 (6-channel). Although we are retiring their predecessors (Models 3887 & 3886), many of their proven components live on in the new models.  After all, these parts are responsible for making Kanomax particle counters among the most reliable and accurate instruments…