Brand New Handheld Particle Counters from Kanomax!

The cradle for the HPC Models 3888/3889 enables Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and RS485 connectivity to PC's and allows for 24/7 remote monitoring & control.

At this year’s AIHce Expo in Seattle, we unveiled several BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! Two of which were our new handheld particle counters, the Model 3888 (3-channel) and the Model 3889 (6-channel). Although we are retiring their predecessors (Models 3887 & 3886), many of their proven components live on in the new models.  After all, these parts are responsible for making Kanomax particle counters among the most reliable and accurate instruments in the industry for a long, long time.  We’ve also added plenty of new apparatuses as well as a re-engineered and highly advanced user interface, which is supported by significant software upgrades.

The oversized, 4.3-inch full color/graphical, LCD touchscreen display makes taking and reading measurements very easy, and the onboard USB port allows for convenient data transfer if you’re ever close to exceeding the almost excessive 10,000-measurement data logging capacity.  Data translation to .CSV file format is available for convenient use with Microsoft™ Excel and there are multiple language settings offered, including English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.  Connectivity options in the device’s base/cradle include Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RS485.

These new Handheld Particle Counters (Models 3888 & 3889) have the capability to be controlled and monitored remotely.  Kanomax software lets the instruments to communicate with a PC for detailed, real-time data collection and even allows for simple, convenient 24/7 remote monitoring of an environment if necessary.

Check out the product page to read more about these particle counters!

Model 3888/3889 remotely connected to a PC, which measurements can be monitored and recorded.
These handheld particle counters and their software allow you to monitor and take measurements remotely from a PC.



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