Hey! You Got Your IAQ in My HVAC!


An IAQ Monitor may not be the first tool an HVAC tech thinks of for indoor air comfort, but they offer enough time saving advantages that it’s worth considering an investment in a good IAQ meter.

Most anemometers and airflow hoods measure temperature, and a few will even give you the RH%, but they seldom go into the detail that a good IAQ monitor will. The model 2212 will measure dry bulb, wet bulb, dewpoint and relative humidity giving you all the readings you need in just a few seconds.

In addition to humidity and temperature, the 2212 will also measure CO and CO2 levels for you. While CO may be outside the purview of most HVAC work, CO2 is a large factor in occupant comfort. Too much of it and people start to feel lethargic and have trouble focusing. In larger quantities it can even make people feel sick. A large amount of carbon dioxide is a good indication that the ventilation exchange rate is insufficient for the space and the number of occupants.

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