Incentive Programs for Energy Efficiency in Homes & Offices


EnergyStar® has noted that incentives for new construction projects that meet certain energy efficiency criteria.  In fact, this effort could result in incentives in the form of “direct monetary payments, rebates, indirect monetary assistance (such as free HERS ratings), or non-monetary assistance (such as free training).”

  • See a list of possible incentives and further information regarding efficiency standards here.
  • See EnergyStar®’s list of links for guidance and requirements related to energy efficiency here.
  • See third party certification resources here.

Kanomax would like to help builders, facility managers, and even homeowners to reach their energy conservation goals by offering a free 2’x3’ spare hood with the purchase of any Kanomax capture hood (see Models 6710 & 6715) as the rate of new building projects skyrockets during the early part of this Spring.

Designed by the people who use them every day.
Designed by the people who use them every day. See why these hoods are quickly becoming industry favorites.
  • View the Capture Hood Model 6715 product page here.
  • View the Capture Hood Model 6710 product page here.
  • Both Kanomax Capture Hoods (Models 6715 & 6710) are certified by the California Energy Commission as required under the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part6) Section 100.0(h) and Reference Residential Appendices Section RA3.3.  View the list of certified CEC products here.

Kanomax capture hoods are designed by the people who use them every day, so every feature has been designed to make every both easier and less time-consuming.  Every detail was considered, even adding transparent walls for instantaneous line-ups with vents and diffusers.  The flexible frame can really take a beating, yet it will bend to fit in hard-to-reach places that other hoods simply cannot.  The research-grade accuracy means reliable measurements every time, and those measurements can be recorded right from the detachable, high-resolution micromanometer or even an Android™ device while the capture hood sits atop our construction grade tripod stand (while the ladder stays on the truck).

Use any Android™ device to control the hood & record measurements from the ground.
Use any Android™ device to control the hood & record measurements from the ground.

Take advantage of this promotion early this Spring and start saving money and earning those incentives!

Get your free 2'x3' hood today! Call 973.786.6386
Get your free 2’x3′ hood today!
Call 973.786.6386 & reference promo code: HERS-4-2018