Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Farming Monitoring


The air quality in a room depends on a lot of factors. If there is air leakage in a room it affects air quality because the air may contain particles and dust which are unhealthy. Apart from our homes, the quality of air in a room can affect the ability to store products, especially for food processing industries. In farmhouse stores like barns and silos where harvested products are stored, such storage facilities must monitor air quality in order to prevent spoilage; especially for perishable foods.

With the aid of a quality monitoring instrument like the Kanomax Transducer Model 6332/6332D, air quality can be effectively controlled residential and commercial settings. Some of the features of Kanomax Transducers include:

  • Helps to monitor ventilation system
  • Makes it relatively to sue other air control system upon detecting the quality of air.
  • Helps control air quality for effective distribution of air.
  • Can be easily integrated and used alongside other air control systems.
  • Operates within temperatures of 5-40 degrees, and storage temperatures of 10-50 degrees without condensation.
  • Reading accuracy is near perfect with just a 0.1m/s margin for error.
  • Includes one year warranty.
  • Air velocity measurement ranges from 0.1m/s to 25m/s, and 0.1m/s to 50m/s.
  • Included in the package upon purchase are a meter and an operation manual.
  • Lightweight, weighing in at around
  • Rapid response time of 0.3 seconds for display, 0.1 for sampling, and 0.1 for output.