It’s so easy to use!


Building Science Consultant Lew Harriman uses a wide variety of instruments and tools in his worldwide consulting practice. “I have a constant issue with complex tools. Any of my investigations will require 3 to 10 different instruments, each of which has its own quirkiness and odd behavior. Most  manufacturers don’t see lots of options and pre-use setup as a problem. They think of lots of options as a feature!  But when one needs to use dozens of different instruments only occasionally, options and complex setup rapidly becomes a big impediment to reliable measurements. One of the many things I like about the Kanomax TabMaster flow hood is its super-simple operation” says Lew. “It does not need special configuration. It does not need lengthy training. Turn it on and it just works, period. In my experience of precision instruments, any device that “just works” in such an obvious and simple way is rare, which is why my TabMaster has rapidly become a much-valued tool.”

Overall, Lew’s become a big fan of the Kanomax brand. As he says: “The TabMaster has been so useful and so reliable that I’ll certainly look closely at the other products made by Kanomax. I like simplicity, and I like durability… two features of the TabMaster that I would dearly like to see in the many other types of instruments that I need to use every day.”


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