Kanomax 3888 & 3889: The ONLY Handheld Particle Counters with Remote Capability

6.7.18 38883889 Remote Op FEATURED IMAGE

When it comes to handheld particle counters, Kanomax has completely changed the game.  Models 3888 & 3889 (3 and 6 channel particle counters, respectively) are handheld units with many of the features that have always been reserved for the much larger, heavier, portable particle counters.


The optional communication cradle available for the Kanomax 3888 & 3889 handheld particle counters provide options for three different kinds of connectivity; Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RS485 making them THE MOST CONNECTED HANDHELD PARTICLE COUNTERS IN THE INDUSTRY.  It also means they can be operated remotely via the Windows 10 operating system.  Purchasing industry’s leading-edge handheld unit means purchasing the perfect tool for almost any particle counting application.


The 3888 and 3889 perform with the same reliability and accuracy as their highly praised predecessors, but now feature assets that make them easier to use and significantly increase the speed at which measurements can be gathered and recorded. One of the more prominent component upgrades is the very large, full-color 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, which can display data graphically for speedy interpretation and trend identification.  Even though measurements can very easily be taken directly from the instrument, these new models also include the easiest options for transferring data to PCs and other devices.  There is an onboard USB input, which will accept a USB drive and download any number of the possible 10,000 data logs. Kanomax 3888 &3 889 handheld particle counters are compliant with ISO 21501-4 calibration standard.USB-download BLOG