Kanomax Winter Promotions – Duct Air Leakage Tester


As you already know, you can always bank on Kanomax to provide leading innovations and products, and it is in this vein that we introduce the Duct Air Leakage Tester (DALT 6900); a simple, swift and extremely convenient duct air tester. With this product Kanomax has utilized their innovative technology to create a powerful testing tool perfect for residential and commercial applications. This instrument provides step-by-step test configuration and automated leakage testing. It provides an accuracy of more or less 2.5% of the reading it provides. The technology behind this innovation has also successfully found the balance between the ease of navigation and the weight of the product. This has been done by the use of pneumatic tires, even though the motor is a very powerful one.

The Duct Air Leakage Tester meets testing standards like SMACNA HVAC, BS EN12237, BS EN 1507, DW/143 EU etc. As a matter of fact, in some cases it even exceeds the set testing standard.

Customers are loving the DALT 6900 because of its ease of setup, usability, and accuracy of the device. Kanomax also offers great technical and operational support upon request. Here’s what one owner has to say about their experience:

EB&I purchased the DALT 6900 at the 2016 SMACNA Convention after seeing the demonstrations. We were impressed with the ease of set-up, use, and accuracy of the device and anticipated needing these attributes for some upcoming work. We have since used the machine for those projects and in several other applications where the airflows measured, the accuracy of the reading, and the repeatability of the readings were very important and had to be demonstrated. The DALT 6900 machine worked flawlessly and reliably in all of these situations…

I could not be any happier with both the machine and the Kanomax Team.

– Energy Balance & Integration LLC”

Kanomax is offering a special winter promotion for the Duct Air Leakage Tester from November 20th, 2018 to March 29, 2019, so this is the perfect time to buy one for you and your HVAC business. Learn more about the promotion by contacting Kanomax here.