NEW Handheld Particle Counters: More Connectivity Allows for Remote Operation!

Handheld Particle Counter 3888/3889 - Remote Network Connection


Kanomax’s new wave of handheld particle counters are the perfect tools for what would otherwise be challenging, time-consuming tasks.   The brand new 3-channel HPC Model 3888 and the 6-channel HPC Model 3889 will the e first choice among professionals for more applications than ever before.

These next-generation models are superior to similar instruments because of their versatility and dual usage modes.  Of course, they can be operated as handheld measuring devices like their predecessors, but the advanced technology and hardware of the 3888 and 3889 allow them to be operated remotely through a PC.  There is an optional base or “cradle” that expands their connectivity.  The cradle opens linking capabilities through Wi-Fi, Ethernet and/or a standard RS485 cable connection.  Once the Kanomax software is installed on a PC, the particle counters can then communicate with said PC through one of the three connection options, thus becoming the remote controller of the measuring device.

Not only does this remote-control capability significantly enhance the convenience of operating these particle counters, but it also allows for 24/7 facility monitoring of an environment with built-in pump particle sensor.

Professionals need no longer worry about making the right choice of particle counter.  Simplicity with minimal set-up time and the peace of mind and convenience of remote operation are no longer mutually exclusive.  Professionals now have access to the best of both worlds with the purchase of a single, affordable instrument built with the proven components they’ve come to rely on in Kanomax particle counters!

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