Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing

Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing Research has proven that the most energy lost in homes is due to duct air leakages. Extreme cases of this

Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Farming Monitoring

The air quality in a room depends on a lot of factors. The air may contain unhealthy particles and dust, airflow might be too weak or too intense, or

High-Temperature Anemometer Applications

High-temperature anemometers are utilized for testing temperatures of very high degrees. They are used in various industries for this purpose, some of

Innovative Products and Applications for Industrial Flow Testing

Climomaster Anemometer The most accurate handheld hot wire anemometer in the world. With an accuracy level of 2% m.v, the Climomaster offers unparalle

Kanomax Winter Promotions – Duct Air Leakage Tester

As you already know, you can always bank on Kanomax to provide leading innovations and products, and it is in this vein that we introduce the Duct Air

Kanomax Exhibiting at AHR EXPO 2019 and Offering Green Building Workshop

AHR Expo is one of the world’s largest HVACR events, and Kanomax is pleased to announce that they will be joining this year’s event as an exhibito

Kanomax at 10th Annual International Aerosol Conference

Kanomax will be exhibiting at this year’s 10th Annual International Aerosol Conference in America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri from September 2

High Temperature Anemometer For Kiln-Drying Wood

Wood drying is necessary because it helps reduce moisture, extending its lifespan and hardening it for construction purposes.  When the wood drying i

Kanomax: For Airflow and Leakage Measuring in Spiral Ducts and Diffusers

As many HVACR pros are already aware, the growing HVACR trend is the use of spiral ducts as they are less prone to leakage and subsequent energy loss