Kanomax USA – Upcoming Shows and Events

Kanomax USA will be attending the following events and exhibit exciting products over the next two months: 1. MAEBA RECERTIFICATION SEMINAR September

ASHRAE 110 Test Kit – Ensuring a Safe Work Space for Techs

A fume hood is a local ventilation device designed to eliminate or minimize exposure to hazardous fumes, dust or other airborne particulates. Basicall

The DALT 6900 Allows User to Select Testing Standards and Continuously Measures Percent of Leakage!

The Kanomax duct air leakage tester (DALT 6900) has quickly become the industry leader in terms of versatility and ease-of-use.  The instrument can t

Kanomax Recommends Annual Calibration of your Instruments

Kanomax USA recommends annual calibration to ensure that your instrument maintains its accuracy and is functioning properly to meet your measuring nee

Brand New Handheld Particle Counters from Kanomax!

At this year’s AIHce Expo in Seattle, we unveiled several BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! Two of which were our new handheld particle counters, the Model 3888 (

Come see Kanomax at the AIHce Expo 2017 in Seattle, WA – June 4th – 7th – Booth #1645!

The 2017 AIHce Expo in Seattle, WA starts this weekend! On Sunday, June 4th, Kanomax will be joining dozens of industrial hygienists, occupational he

Adding Value to Data Center Cleaning Services with Handheld Particle Counters

When we talk about particle counters most of the time we focus on cleanrooms and other controlled environments, but there are many other applications