Product Spotlight: Multi-channel Anemometers

multi-channel-anemometer-system (1)

Multi-channel Anemometers are a flexible tool for gathering large amounts of data accurately and efficiently.  They are  particularly useful in the automotive, transportation and architectural industries, but can also be used for thermal testing of semiconductor boards.

One of the key features of this product line is the flexible selection of Kanomax research grade air velocity probes.  Nearly a dozen different options are available in varying shapes, sizes and measurement capability.  Coupled with the modular nature of the main units this allows you a great deal of flexibility in selecting an end product that is the perfect fit for your needs.

The applications are diverse and interesting enough that it’s challenging to cover them in a small article, but a few examples include:

* Aerodynamic testing for many vehicles including planes, cars and trains

* Automotive: engine in-take, exhaust, defroster, cabin comfort

* Thermal properties of semiconductor boards in PCs and other electronics

* Civil Engineering: wind tunnel testing of scale models and sympathetic vibration testing for tall buildings

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