Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit – DIF-KIT

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Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit makes ASHRAE 110 testing easy

The Kanomax tracer gas diffuser kit is used in performing tracer gas tests in accordance with ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 110. The diffuser is designed to the specifications of standard drawing #110-83M.

The diffuser is placed in the fume hood and sulfur hexafluoride gas is injected at at supply pressure of 30 psig. The internal critical orifice ensures a flow rate of 4 liters per minute. Other orifice sizes can be inserted.

  • Diffuser is made to the design and specifications of ASHRAE Standard Drawing #110-83M
  • The internal critical orifice ensures a flow rate of 4 liters per minute (lpm)
  • Thermal anemometer for face velocity testing
  • Commercial fog machine for flow visualization
  • Fume hood performance test according to ASHRAE Standard 110-2016
Dif-Kit General Specifications
Critical Orifice 4 Liters per Minute
Regulator Dual Stage, Specialty Gas
Flow Meter Calibrated 150mm/200psi, Glass Tube
Pressure Gage Large Dial, 0 to 60psi
Warranty 1 year
Standard Accessories Diffuser, Pressure Gauge, Shut-off Valve, In-line Flow Meter, 20 ft of Tubing, Tank Regulator for Gas Cylinder

Our Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit, or Dif-Kit for short, is for use in performing the tracer gas test in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110-2016. The diffuser is made to the design and specifications of ASHRAE Standard Drawing #110-83M. Its purpose is to check fume hood performance to ensure that the hood is performing safely and to specifications.

Kanomax offers a complete fume hood testing solution. However, because not everyone needs to perform every aspect of the ASHRAE test we sell the kit as 5 separate modules so customers only need to buy the pieces required for their application. Please consult our sales specialists for the appropriate choice for your needs.

Anemomaster Professional: Our handheld anemometer is useful for performing a face velocity test at different points along the hood.

Fog Machine: This unit is used to perform a visualization test. Visible smoke is released inside the fume hood and monitored to see if any visible amount is escaping. It can also be used to show how the air is flowing inside the fume hood so trouble spots where airflow is insufficient can be detected.

Diffuser-kit: The core part of the DIF-KIT includes a flow meter, regulator and diffusion ejector. This portion of the kit is used to release the tracer gas inside the fume hood. Manikin-kit: This portion includes a test mannequin (to simulate a person standing at the fume hood), lab coat and mannequin stand.

Vapor Analyzer or Leakage detector: Instrument is calibrated to detect the tracer gas, such as SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride), and can be useful in determining exactly how much, if any, of the gas is escaping from the fume hood.

The flow meters that are part of the kit are also calibrated for use with the tracer gas.

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