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The infiTOF is a high performance, small footprint time of flight mass spectrometer. By using multi-turn technology it is possible to make the unit much smaller than traditional mass spectrometers without sacrificing the resolution.

The infiTOF system is compact, portable, and capable of achieving the resolving power of 30.000.

  • Food Analysis
  • Particle Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Forensic; e.g. detection of forged paintings
  • Medical; e.g. blood test, hair analysis, etc.
Measuring Specifications
Model infiTOF-UHV infiTOF-FAB
Resolution >30,000 (FWHM) >30,000 (FWHM)
Mass range 1 to 1,000 m/z 1 to 3,000 m/z
Mass accuracy <0.002u (Internal Std) <±0.005u
<0.005u (External Std)
Sensitivity in air 38Ar (5.9ppm in air) S/N>10
in Helium CH4 ,N2 1ppm S/N>10
Measuring Specifications
Ion-source EI(Pos) FAB(Pos)
Dimensions (mm) W215 x H545 x D610 W230 x H520 x D510
Weight 45 kg 45 kg

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