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Two ion lasers from the fiber optic transceiver probe detect velocity measurement.Smart LDV system is easy to use high quality LDV system.

Applicable for non-conductive fluid

Signal processor is available for option

Includes LDV probe with cable, Smart LDV driver, BNC-BNC cable, Interlock connector, Probe support block, retro reflect unit, RS232C cable, Power vable, and probe case

Wind tunnel studies

Measurements in combustion, combustor

Main Unit Specifications
Velocity Range -40 to 100 m/s
Laser Source Laser Diode: λ=660nm, 60mW
Focal Distance 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm
Focal Point Size 0.13 mm x 0.13 mm
Probe Size 61 mm (Dimension) x 312 mm (length)
Shift Frequency 0.01 to 10 MHz
Weight 2.5 kg (probe)
Signal Processor Specifications
Model 8008
Signal Processing System 8 bits FFT
Frequency Band 1 kHz to 40 MHz
Input Doppler Signal 20 mV to 1V
Data Rate 16000 Data / sec
Board Size Full sized PCI board
Traverse System Specifications
Max Vertical Load 7 kg
Translation Speed 80 mm / sec
Data Rate 16000 Data / sec
Accuracy 0.025 mm

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