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Highly accurate sound meter

The world’s first 0-dB function sound meter available (Model 4431-1G)

  • Type 2 standards for ANSI S1.4 1983 and IEC 61672-1
  • The magnetic accelerometer easily attaches to machinery for increased accuracy and precise operation.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • A, C, and F weighting modes
  • 28 to 130 dB measurement range
  • Measures Lp, Leq, Le, Lmax, Lmin and Lx
  • Equipped with highly sensitive electret condenser microphone
  • Large 4 digit display with 0.1 dB resolution with backlighting and analog bar graph
  • Add additional functions with the program cards
  • Includes SD card for data storage, windshield, carrying case, AA batteries, hand strap, and calibration certificate
  • Industrial Hygiene Investigation
  • Noise Exposure Measurement
  • Environmental Noise Measurement
Measurement Specifications
Weighting A, C and Z (FLAT)
Ranges A:28 to 130 dB (0 to 80 BD if 0dB function is active for 4431-1G)
C: 36 to 130 dB
Z (FLAT): 40 to 130 dB
C peak: 55 to 141 dB
Z (FLAT) peak: 60 to 141 dB
Time Weighting Fast, Slow, Impulse
Parameters Sound pressure level(Lp)
A-weighted sound pressure level(LA)
C-weighted sound pressure level(LC)
Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(LAeq)
Sound Exposure level(LAE)
Maximum sound pressure level(LAmax)
Minimum sound pressure level(LAmin)
Percentile sound pressure level(5 freely selectable values、LAN)
Peak Sound Pressure level(Lpeak)
C- weighted Peak Sound Pressure level(LCpeak)
Power average of maximum sound pressure level in a given interval(LAtm5)
Impulse Sound pressure level(LAI)
Impulse equivalent continuous sound pressure level(LAIeq)
Standards ANSI S1.4 1983: Type 2
IEC 61672-1: Class 2
General Specifications
Interface USB, Printer
Output 1 Vrms (AC output)
2.5 V (DC output)
Power Supply 4 AA Batteries or AC adapter
Operaing Environment 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C), 30 to 90%RH with no condensation
Dimensions W 3.4″ x H 12.9″ x D 1.9″
Weight 1 lb (453g)
Warranty 1 year
Standard Accessories Operation manual, SD card for data storage, Windshield,Carrying case, AA batteries, Hand strap, Calibration certificate

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