Aerosol Research

Aerosol Research

Research and development of innovative aerosol measurement tools is one of Kanomax’s core technologies.

In recent years environmental research has raised concerns about diesel exhaust particles, the health effects of air pollution and climate changes, and human exposure to nano-particles. In response to these issues Kanomax has developed several aerosol measurement solutions such as the black carbon monitor developed by a collaboration between industry and academic thought leaders. We will continue to strengthen our relationship with our global partners while finding new channels of distribution for our aerosol research measurement solutions.

Aerosol Mass distribution measurements
PAMS is a stand-alone, battery-operated aerosol mobility Spectrometer
Handheld Nano-particle monitoring instrument

Adding Value to Data Center Cleaning Services with Handheld Particle Counters

When we talk about particle counters most of the time we focus on cleanrooms and other controlled environments, but there are many other applications where counting particulates is desirable. These include IAQ investigation, filter testing and other applications like this month featured story: Data Center Cleaning.