Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom Monitoring

A cleanroom can be defined as a strictly controlled environment of the purest kind. During the technology boom, the semiconductor and HDD industries were the biggest users of cleanrooms and in a stable way, they still remain one of the most important users. However, as the world of science rapidly progresses, the demand for cleanrooms from players especially in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical markets have become noticeably strong.

The cleanroom class level of bio-techs and pharmaceuticals (typically around Class 5) is still less stringent than those of semiconductor cleanrooms (an extreme and rare example is a Subclass 0.1 cleanroom at the semiconductor R&D level). Nonetheless, only a small handful of precision measurement manufacturers have the genuine capabilities as Kanomax to satisfy their controlled environment monitoring and measurement needs.

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Remote particle sensor for continuous monitoring application
The most accurate (2%) hot-wire anemometer
Professional airflow measurement tool for TAB professional
Stand alone cleanliness level monitoring
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The all-inclusive cleanroom monitoring system.

Choosing the Right Particle Counter

Need help finding the right particle counter for your application? Here are some basic guidelines to help choose the right one.