Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

The expanding bio-technology field is creating a greater demand for mass spectrometry, as this technology is vital to human safety and quality of living. Two key areas are improving quality in environmental management and air quality management. Other applications include: drug detection, chemical analysis of food and the analysis of environmental contaminates. The portable nature of this new mass spectrometer opens up exciting possibilities for on-site testing and more mobile operations.

The infiTOF is a high performance, small footprint time of flight mass spectrometer. By using multi-turn technology it is possible to make the unit much smaller than traditional mass spectrometers without sacrificing the resolution.

Desktop Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer

Adding Value to Data Center Cleaning Services with Handheld Particle Counters

When we talk about particle counters most of the time we focus on cleanrooms and other controlled environments, but there are many other applications where counting particulates is desirable. These include IAQ investigation, filter testing and other applications like this month featured story: Data Center Cleaning.