Kanomax: For Airflow and Leakage Measuring in Spiral Ducts and Diffusers

As many HVACR pros are already aware, the growing HVACR trend is the use of spiral ducts as they are less prone to leakage and subsequent energy loss and/or uneven distribution of conditioned or heated air. Luckily, Kanomax products were designed with some foresight, and some specific instruments are the ideal tools for measuring airflow and leakage in spiral ducts and their diffusers.   The Kanomax Velocity Grid (6700-VG) with…

Handheld Particle Counter 3888/3889 - Remote Network Connection

NEW Handheld Particle Counters: More Connectivity Allows for Remote Operation!

Kanomax’s new wave of handheld particle counters are the perfect tools for what would otherwise challenging tasks. The brand new 3-channel HPC Model 3888 and the 6-channel HPC Model 3889 will be the first choice among professionals for more applications than ever before. These handheld instruments can be operated just like portable particle counters ie: their remote control capability, which allows for convenience 24/7 facility monitoring via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or RS485 connection opitons!


The Trusted Choice of Global Brands for High Temperature Air Velocity Measurements

The Kanomax Model 6162 Mid-High Temperature Anemometer is the perfect choice for testing for temperature and air velocity in extreme …