The DALT 6900 Allows User to Select Testing Standards and Continuously Measures Percent of Leakage!


The Kanomax duct air leakage tester (DALT 6900) has quickly become the industry leader in terms of versatility and ease-of-use.  The instrument can test in both positive and negative pressure settings with a simple hose adjustment.  It can also test up to 10 inches of water pressure.

The DALT 6900’s user interface is what sets the machine apart from related products in the industry.  The unit is operated via a large touchscreen, and the software is designed to be incredibly intuitive, offering step-by-step operation and requires very little training or prior knowledge.  Users can also choose industry standards prior to beginning the test, so the machine will perform all the proper calculations to help determine whether the duct system’s leakage meets the requirements of SMACNA, AABC, EU or GB standards or not.  In sum, the machine does all the work to minimize effort and time required to complete each test.

Select Leakage Testing Standards
Users can select which national standards that the machine will test against

The DALT 6900 also continuously measures and displays “the percent leakage,” saving the operator from yet another tedious calculation and allowing for much easier data collection.

The DALT 6900 Calculates % Leakage
The DALT 6900 continuously calculates the percent leakage while testing.

This duct air leakage tester is the result of four generations of trial and error as well as professional input.  Kanomax engineers maintained contact with contractors and facility managers during the design process to adjust the user experience and optimize the instrument’s effectiveness in the field.  The DALT 6900’s benefits like ease-of-use, the minimization of time and effort required, dependable hardware and intuitive software are among the reasons why this full-service machine is paving the way in duct air leakage testing.

DALT Evolved
The current DALT 6900 is the result of continuous improvement based on professional input through four product revisions.

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