The Kanomax Handheld Particle Counter: The Most Advanced Screen and Interface


More and more people are beginning to make the switch to the most advanced handheld particle counter on the market: the Kanomax Model 3888 (3-channel) and 3889 (6-channel). The multitude of HPC options in the industry became one large, indistinguishable group when the 3888 and 3889 were released, and only the Kanomax instruments offered enough features and benefits to be set apart from the crowd. There are plenty of reasons that people are trading their handheld and even portable particle counters for the 3888 and 3889; i.e. the Wi-Fi/Ethernet/RS485 connectivity options, remote control capability (a feature reserved for PORTABLE particle counters until now), huge storage capacity, incredible accuracy and sensitivity, long battery life, included calibration, compact and lightweight design, and much more. But, maybe the most glaring difference, is the oversized, 4.3-inch, full color, graphical touchscreen display.

Even gloved hands can easily navigate the interface.
Even gloved hands can easily navigate the interface.


It operates a lot like a smartphone, in that it is extremely intuitive and has the feel of an advanced Smart device. Nothing like that has ever been integrated into handheld particle counters. Even the most advanced HPC’s on the market utilize a “keypad” system, where one button means several different things, which is confusing and it creates the need for a user manual nearby just to perform routine tasks. The 3888 and 3889 models, however, have dedicated functions that allow even brand new users to walk through the steps with relative ease. And, because the screen is so large and the resolution is so sharp and in full color, everything is incredibly easy to read. Even in dark or low-light facilities, the backlit display is clear as day. It goes beyond ease-of-use and readability, though, because the HPC Models 3888 and 3889 also show data in full-color tables, graphs, and indicators. This allows the operator to see trends and flag problem areas effortlessly.

3888/3889 HPC's have the most advanced screens in the industry, bar non.
3888/3889 HPC’s have the most advanced screens in the industry, bar none.


We have truly watched, studied, and gathered info from the professionals who employ handheld particle counters in the field, and we’ve created an instrument that will not only make their jobs easier but will make data gathering far more effective and efficient. Even gloved hands can seamlessly navigate the interface as easily as a bare hand. Although we put an enormous amount of thought and energy into the screen and operating systems of these handheld particle counters, we maintained that same fervor in the design and execution of every aspect of the HPC Models 3888 and 3889.