The World’s Most Compact and Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer

Portable Aerosol Mass Spectrometer


Kanomax proudly announces that new Model 3310 of the PAMS, the world’s most compact and portable aerosol mobility spectrometer, was launched on June 1, 2016, as a successor of the former model 3300.

The new model 3310 is equipped with a detachable charger in addition to all the functions and specifications succeeded from the previous model. The wide measurement range (10-863nm) remains the same, as well. The detachable construction allows you to do charger maintenance now easily by yourself.

Now with a detachable bipolar charger, you can dismantle and clean it by yourself. Maintenance practice is highly improved in comparison with the previous model which required shipment of the instrument to get that maintenance service at the Kanomax factory. If you already have a former type of the PAMS, an upgraded to the new model 3310 would be suggested.

Major features:
1. New feature! Detachable charger, enables easier maintenance on charger!
2. No computer needed, Powered by battery, Compact and Portable
3. Two modes available and selectable: High Resolution Mode or Wide Range Mode
4. Using a non-radioactive bipolar aerosol charger

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