Uploading a Facility Map to Portable Particle Counters


One of the benefits of the 3905 and 3910 units is the ability to upload a map file of your controlled environment. To do this you can use the included Scheduler Software to load a .BMP file image of your facility. The software will then let you create and number locations on the map where particle measurements need to be taken.

Once the map and locations are setup you can then upload them to the portable particle counter which will display the map on-screen and prompt you to move to each indicated location during the measuring process. It’s an easy way to ensure that the correct number of measurements are taken, and that they occur in the proper places.

To read more about the mapping function and other time saving features of our particle counter line-up visit our website. In addition to viewing product specifications you can download one of our free guides or applications notes.

If you’re going to be at Interphex or ESTECH stop by our booth for a hands-on demonstration.