Weekly Product Feature: Handheld Particle Counter & TABmaster Capture Hoods

6.14.18 Blog - 3888-6715-6710

There are Kanomax instruments have been steadily growing in popularity since their release and with good reason.  Each is extraordinarily reliable and loaded with features and conveniences that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

The Model 3888 3-Channel Handheld Particle Counter: 

The 3888 performs with the same reliability and accuracy as its predecessors, but now features assets that make it easier to use and measurements can be gathered significantly faster. One of the more prominent component upgrades is the very large, full color 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen, which can actually display data graphically for speedy interpretation. Despite the fact that measurements can very easily be taken directly from the instrument, the 3888 also includes the easiest options for transferring data to PCs and other devices. There is an onboard USB input, which will accept a USB drive and download any number of the possible 10,000 data logs and transferred into a Windows 10 application.

The 3888 Handheld Particle Counters also meet the 21501-4 ISO Standards and are fully RoHS compliant.

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The Model 6715 TABmaster Capture Hood:

The Kanomax TABmaster Capture Hood is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, and it’s perfect for your next HVAC test. It is equipped with professional-grade features that make this flow hood both versatile and accurate, as it simultaneously measures airflow, temperature and humidity.  It’s the only tool you need for all your supply and return airflow measurements!

The Model 6715 is equipped with a removable, handheld micromanometer with Bluetooth® wireless capability, which stores up to 8,000 measurements.  The micromanometer also has tilting capability, which allows for easy reading of the measurements while utilizing the extremely convenient, portable flow hood stand with a wheeled base.  A single operator can run a full HVAC test without ever stepping on a ladder or recruiting a helper!

The TABmaster™ is available in six different hood sizes to ensure that the transparent flow hood will fit your duct size perfectly!

Pressure testing, gathering face velocity readings and in-duct airflow measurements are no longer a hassle for HVAC professionals with the TABmaster™ Model 6715.

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The Model 6710 TABmaster Capture Hood:

The instrument has an impressive range of measurement for air flow, boasting readability from 23 to 2530 cubic feet per minute, which is measured simultaneously along with temperature, humidity and even direction of air flow.  The upper portion of the flow hood is a very durable and transparent material that allows the user to easily line the unit up with the duct time after time, and the rest of the unit is engineered to be very hearty and long lasting.  The TAB pros out there know exactly how frustrating it can be when dealing with a flimsy flow hood while performing any HVAC-related task; there’s simply no room for “flimsy.”  There are also six different hood sizes available, so you can be sure that you won’t have a problem while moving from duct to duct for readings.

But some of the more innovative features of the TABmaster Flow Hood, that allow it to break away from the crowd of flow hood choices, is its capacity to handle measurements through storage and software enhancements.  The unit stores up to 3,000 records and allows you to store multiple measurements under single individual ID#’s for easy organization and reviewing when the records are uploaded conveniently though a standard USB port.  This feature is an absolute must-have at larger job sites or sites with multiple HVAC systems.


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